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Publishing in Times of Decentralized Science

One of the main responsibilities of publishers is to document the publishing of works, i.e. to not only make the work public, but also to add relevant metadata like the name of the author, the date of the publication and the place where it was published. We at Moringa Science Publishing publish the works mainly on our web page, but also on the distributed filesystem IPFS. This has the advantage that readers can use their webbrowser to access the articles and books, and can use IPFS in case our webserver is not available. IPFS also automatically makes copies of downloaded works and makes them available to the network again, which keeps published works available and safe.

To further secure the authenticity of this meta data, we use Blockchain as technology. Every publication (for now of articles, we might extend it to books and other works as well) is registered on a private permission less Blockchain by us. This creates a permanent record of our publications together with their metadata.

Blockchainified List of Publications

This list contains all works that we have published on the Dogecoin blockchain. You find the links to the texts in our webpage, as well as the IPFS system (linked to the service, but if you run your own node, you can directly use the IPFS hash to download the article. Each blockchain transaction contains a signed message with the IPFS hash of the article meta data. The signatur's public key is 22eea0792b1bd631028e3a818f03dbbb87a7ef6fbe8562179066432853d6f1e5.

Author Title Date IPFS Hash TXID Proof
Ingo Franz Ein rekursives kosmologisches Modell 2019-01-23 QmaFEBH3PRBQsWPggitEAicCPpZEbURdM2FLvqRrTGuo1n f4c4fa1d51f9142817a2763c7b6a425e8e1531ec06f9dff56e20ae72e8e553bd
Karlheinz Wagner Über das Zusammenfügen von geographischen Kartennetzen und die Netze der „deutschen Weltkarte“ und der „deutschen Meereskarte“ 2020-02-14 QmYG5X3mzWeZQoSR8tuiNf5jhFSgycDGTRyQ5mYSwwXWsd 4dee564db58c890d2ca3490d38d6943a7a856170c21d8d7f926ac49cbb9c10dc
Udo Buchholz Use and non-use of epidemiologic methods for social/societal problems: could political decisions be based on more solid evidence? 2018-10-12 QmZYyzanDod13BoWjy5fFZZWaPxLcjDG7e3eKRbdopg1kH 92f81c44341b560ca42630b0711bf11c10b29b2e789f6f15d2188b40b14ab4ab



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